"We as humans, find ourselves in a technologically advanced and digital age, where the world is interconnected. The harsh reality about this gigantic network, however, is the necessity of securing such information and data, which has only began to gain traction in recent years."

RAQUEEB is a niche, self-regulating data auditing tool, developed to provide entities of all sizes a bespoke data and privacy solution. We follow a 5 step approach that aids the driving of data compliance and facilitates effective, legally secure and mutually beneficial data-use for entities.

At KARM, we are extremely passionate advocates of self-regulation.

Organisations who ensure compliance with Data protection and privacy legislation, whilst too ensuring personal data legal compliance through proper governance, are able to gain a competitive edge and mitigate themselves from exposure to breaches,reputational damage, liability law suits, fines / penalties imposed by Regulatory Bodies (locally and internationally)

KARM Legal assists clients with data governance, guidance on policies, data compliance auditing, legal analysis and proposals for action

Karm also helps in identification of formal requirements (through Privacy Impact Assessment reports), advisory on Data Protection Officers or Board and Management responsibilities concerning data, protection of business sensitive data, advisory on productspecifications and contracts for technological solutions, and practical guidelines on data, such as: consent, usage, storage,management, destruction, integrity, transfer, legitimate usage.

Our niche market specialisation is in assisting in drafting of laws pertaining to IT, Cyber and Information Security, Data Privacy and Data Protection.


Co-drafter of the policy guidelines on Digital Identity and e-KYC within the realm of Fintech published by AMF. Member of the Regulatory Fintech Working Group of the Arab Monetary Fund. Currently in talks with organisations for creating tailor made frameworks and implementations ranging from Governmental to commercial entities.

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