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Luna de Lange

Luna is a Partner and Data Protection Officer at KARM Legal Consultants, practicing in the specialised fields of Cyber, Information Security and Threat Intelligence; Policy, Regulation & Governance; Data Protection & Privacy laws of several global jurisdictions; Fintech, Insuretech & Business Development.

Luna previously practiced in South Africa as a Senior Attorney and Co-Director of a law firm. She is a member of the Legal Practice Council of South Africa and retains her Right of Appearance before the Superior Courts of South Africa.

Luna has in depth knowledge in matters relating to Cyber, Information Security and Threat Intelligence; Data Protection and Privacy - actively practising in these fields. As part of Luna’s efforts as a thought leader in advocating and stimulating awareness, boosting education and facilitating the necessary interaction and communications of industry leaders and players in these fields, she is a participant co-host of a Threat Day Workshop - the first of its kind in the MENA region and Luna’s aim is to assist in hosting an event such as this each year, in various global localities.

Luna further practices as a trainer in an array of courses and workshops, together with esteemed colleagues of the KARM Legal Consultants Practice and necessary technical experts - each such course appropriately designed and tailored for various audiences.  Karm Legal Consultants’ Training Profile is available upon request.


  • LL.B. University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • Data Protection, Compliance and Governance, 2019
  • Information Security Management, 2018
  • LSSA L.E.A.D.- Practice Management, 2018
  • LSSA L.E.A.D. - Cyber Security, 2017
  • LSSA L.E.A.D. - Medical Negligence, 2015

Select Representation and Memberships

  • Ambassador, Advisor and Member of the Regulatory Fintech Working Group of the Arab Monetary Fund.
  • Trainer on “Data Protection, Privacy, Governance and Compliance in light of Technological Innovation” for the Ruler’s Court of Dubai, UAE, facilitating the training of Lawyers for accredited courses through the Continued Legal Profession Development (CLPD
  • Member, Participant and Contributor to the MENA FinTech Association.
  • Member of the Legal Practice Council of South Africa.

Articles Authored/Co-Authored

  • Present mandate: Co-drafting of Regulatory Guidelines on Tokenization & New Age Alternative Finance Solutions, with primary focus on Tokenisation, Peer-to-Peer Lending and Crowdfunding for the Arab Region, due April 2020.
  • Cyber Resilience Oversight Guidelines for the Arab Region, concerning Financial Market Infrastructures, Arab Monetary Fund, 2020.
  • The Legal Perspective, Cyber Resilience, Corporate Investment Times Magazine, February 2020.
  • Co-drafter of the Fintech Strategy Guidelines in the Arab Region, reporting on Policies, Laws and Regulations, concerning Fintech Oversight, Legislation Gaps & Regulations, 2020.
  • Secondary, co-drafter of the Digital Identity and e-KYC Guidelines in the Arab Region, specifically addressing consumer, privacy & data protection aspects thereof, 2020.
  • Tricking the Right to be Forgotten One Blockchain at a time, Corporate Investment Times Magazine, October 2019.
  • Data Protection and Privacy, Parts I & II, KARM Legal Consultants, 2019

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