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Ishan Pandey

Ishan is a Legal Researcher at Karm Legal with experience in blockchain, data privacy, security tokens, and merchant banking. At Karm, he assists KARM’s clients with research in specialised fields of Fintech, blockchain, data protection etc. Ishan is passionate about regulations and new age technologies that are removing inefficiencies and disrupting our society.


B.COM + LL.B, Institute of Law, Nirma University


National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) – Series -IX: Merchant Banking – Valid till 2023.

Articles Authored/Co-Authored

• War of A.I: A Hard Science Fiction Thriller From The Future

• Regulatory approach of the monetary authority of Singapore towards digital token exchanges - International journal of legal research.

• Why TikTok is a threat to national security if left unchecked – Wion News

• The race for national digital currency is gaining momentum, is India lagging behind? – Wion News

• National security law and end of Hong Kong as we know it – Wion News

• Compliance by Design is the future of Blockchains – Hacker Noon

• The Future of Gaming is NFTs – Hacker Noon

• Defi & Traditional Finance Aren't Much Different, But Defi Requires Lesser Trust – Hacker Noon

• NFTs Are the Perfect Bridge Between In-Game Items & Real-World Value – Hacker Noon

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