Senior Associate

Imogene De Beer

Imogene is a Senior Associate at KARM Legal Consultants. With over eight years of professional experience across a versatile legal portfolio, Imogene has a proven track record of handling high-profile and time-sensitive cases in an expert fashion. Her expertise span across multiple branches of law, including Corporate, Labor, Criminal, and Family.


Before moving to Dubai, Imogene practiced as an Attorney after passing the Pupilage Program General Bar Council of South Africa in 2014. Following this, she advanced as an Advocate of the General Bar Council in 2015.


Imogene has successfully represented and personally handled Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, and independent individuals. Some of which include high-net and celebrity clients in a wide variety of disputes from core commercial to criminal offences.



LLB - University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Pupilage Program General Bar Council of South Africa 2014

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