• IT, Cyber and Information Security
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Data Protection
  • Crypto Exchange

IT, Cyber and Information Security

This sector involves the internet’s relationship to technological and electronic elements, including computers, software, hardware and information systems, as wellas the security and infrastructure to safeguard the necessary from unauthorized access.The legal risks and potential exposure to losses of varied sorts (financial and non-financial) are significant and as such, a pragmatic, risk-based approach should befollowed to ensure a best defence strategy, together with compliance with legal rules,codes, and standards.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is a niche extension of cyber security, involving a process to gather and analyse relevant cyber threat information. Threat Intel Analysts, conjunctively with other sources of internal and external business and system information (in a business, sector, jurisdiction or country-specific context), turning such information into usable cyber threat intelligence, which is ultimately aimed to provide timely insights and allows for enhanced, informed decision-making by enabling an organisation to anticipate a cyber attacker’s capabilities, intentions and modus operandi.

Data Protection

Data Protection is the process of safeguarding important information from unauthorised access, corruption, unavailability when needed, compromise or loss. The importance of data protection increases as the amount of data created and stored continues to grow at unprecedented rates, together with the nature of the data which may be categorised as being of sensitive nature – being personal data or any other data. The regulation of data in its collection, usage / processing, amendment, accessibility, storage, destruction etcetera - provide necessary safeguards to natural and legal persons whom have the right and/or associated duty to safeguard and correctly handle such data.

Crypto Exchange

We are engaged in setting-up multi crypto-currency exchanges, both regionally and internationally. We provide legal advise clients on aspects related to trading, client onboarding, custodianship, escrow, transaction monitoring, security and risk management. Additionally, we advise clients on governance and corporate compliance models.


  • Crowdfunding
  • P2P
  • Tokenisation


We advise on various areas of crowdfunding, electronic-payment platforms, digital banking, peer-to-peer lending and digital investment management, amongst various other aspects related to hereto. 

Funds/CrowdFunding activities - regulatory approvals, prospectus, in line with existing regulations/ anticipated regulatory changes.


Currently, owing to favorable regulations and growing demand for investment has led to the emergence of a thriving peer-to-peer lending space. P2P lending has emerged as a way to support local SMEs, many of which have been rejected by conventional banks. We advise on how to structure their company to maximize chances for investment. In addition we also draft founders’ agreement, advise on equity splits, review commercial contracts, and draft investment documentation for our clients.


As an addition to our blockchain practice, our team has advised and assisted on matters related to token offerings. We engage in legal advise on various areas like launching of tokens, choice of jurisdictions, trading and investments, and funding rounds. Our team’s expertise extends to various launching and governance models, in achieving proper corporate governance and corporate compliance in respect of a project.


Team KARM has the expertise to identify the key issues in the use and deployment of Medtech solutions. KARM boasts of having been lead legal counsels of a legal organ donation and registry application, backed by the United Arab Emirates Department of Health and leading telecom/network service providers


With the ever growing number of varying solution offerings catering to the real estate market, team KARM prides itself in having advised multiple clients in offering technological solutions for liquidity creation against security, time share, fractional ownership, real estate investment trusts (tokenization, sales, transfers and the leasing of properties. As part of the corporate governance consulting process, we handhold our clients through the web of regulations relevant to their real estate tech project to ensure compliance at all times.


Insurance Technology is a rapidly evolving practice involving insurance-related transactions and processes, whereby innovative, user-centric technologies & platforms are amalgamated to cause disruption of the traditional insurance industry by helping to optimize the benefits of insurance. Insurtech developments have been catalyst to a transformative effect on both the retail and commercial sectors of the insurance industry.  Globally, insurance is a highly regulated industry and as such, ensuring proper compliance with law and regulation is utmost important, keeping pace with the continued innovation.

Artificial Intelligence

With the surge of algorithmic-based technological solutions, there are multi-faceted Regulatory aspects to be considered and before use and deployment of such technologies. Team KARM has significant experience in advising on the pertinent legal issues and vast requirements related to policy, ethical use, implementation, data protection-related considerations, reporting and compliance, relating to AI solution-based technologies.


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